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Nov 11-12 – Charlotte, NC


StrongPosture® Protocols and Strategies for Strengthening Patients and Referrals 

12 CE hours 

$199 for a NCCA member
$249 for non-members

$99 NCCA staff / non DC
$149 staff / non-members staff

To Register contact: North Carolina Chiropractic Association or call 770-922-0700

Homewood Suites Charlotte Airport
2770 Yorkmont Road
Charlotte, NC 28208

Saturday 12:00pm – 8:00pm
Sunday 8:00am – 12:00pm

The Posture Specialist

StrongPosture® Protocols and Strategies for Strengthening Patients and Referrals  

“Sitting is the New Smoking”, “Tech Neck” and other digital lifestyle syndromes are in the headlines.  We live in an tech-driven society suffering an epidemic of worsening neck and back pain, in a time where opioids and pain medications are in increasing disrepute.  It’s time for chiropractors to stand tall as posture specialists, educating people on intelligent habits for modern life.

From promoting posture awareness to teaching individualized posture exercise programs, you’ll learn to position yourself in an evidence congruent, posture-centric framework.  Tools like digital photos set an objective benchmark to observe the disparity between how people believe themselves to be standing, and the truth told by a picture.  Then StrongPosture® rehab exercises systematically retrain sensory-motor error towards accurate symmetry of control.

Patients are engaged with exercise protocols individualized to their ability, fostering increased posture awareness and functional motion control for standing and sitting, moving and competing.  And along with interactive Posture Principle demonstrations, these motion control exercises (MCE) communicate the bio-mechanic benefit of unlocking motion restrictions with spinal manipulation and retraining accurate Balance, Alignment and Motion (B.A.M) control with StrongPosture® MCE protocols.

There’s demand for posture solutions- from MDs who want to refer for non-pharmaceutical back pain care, to fall prevention through stronger balance, to employers concerned about workplace wellness.  Health care is changing rapidly, and tech-addicted millennials and boomers slumping into old age are opening the door for posture specialists to help people stand tall and move well.


Dr. Steven Weiniger appears regularly on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and other media outlets as “the Posture Expert”.  Creator of the StrongPosture® Rehab Protocols and Certified Posture Exercise Professional (CPEP) training program, he promotes public awareness with the free PostureZone® app and the importance of taking control of how we stand, sit and live.  Dr. Weiniger can be contacted through


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