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March 28 – Compliance Webinar: Are You Registered in the Ciropractic Data Registry?

Tuesday March 28 1:00 P.M. – 1:45 P.M.

Why MACRA, MIPS, APM and a Qualified Clinical Data Registry is the Next step for Chiropractic

  • Are you ready for MACRA?
  • Are you going with MIPS or an APM?
  • Is your EHR certified?
  • Does your EHR communicate with a QCDR?

More changes are coming, so join Dr. Don Cross for the down and dirty on the chiropractic professions first clinical data registry (QCDR).

Learn the basics of how this vital piece of the digital healthcare system will be paying chiropractors—some more, and some less.  CMS has set 2017 as the transition year and now is the time to learn how all of this will impact patients, doctors and practices.  The clock is ticking, so find out about America’s new value based healthcare system with the chiropractic compliance guru, Dr. Don Cross.


Presentation By: Dr. Don Cross, DC, Certified Professional Compliance Officer
Hosts: Dr. Steven Weiniger
Sponsors:, OCCM Chiropractic Compliance

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