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Feb 28 Compliance Webinar: Legal Requirements

Thursday Feb 28, 2019

1:00 – 1:45 P.M.  E.D.T.

The Alphabet Soup of Legal Requirements in our offices

Is your office in compliance with all the various business regulations, besides the Privacy Policies (HIPPA)?   If you didn’t read your last provider contract, today they almost all require that you are in compliance with all the business regulations, not just the Medicare requirements.  Have you reviewed your H.R. policies and procedures lately?  Are they up to date?  Join Dr. Cross as he outlines the basic business regulations that you are required to adhere to comply with OSHA, EEOC, DOL, etc.

BRING these documents from your compliance program:
1. H.R. Manual

2. Safety Manual

We will be reviewing common problem areas that should be covered in our businesses



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