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June 6 Compliance Webinar: Self-audits, your best audit defense

Tuesday June 6 @ 1:00 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.

Self-audits, your best audit defense

Chiropractors are in the OIG’s crosshairs again.  The 2017 OIG work plan is again targeting for their auditing programs.  In addition, major medical insurers are stepping up their audits of chiropractic offices as well.

The reason is logical: The overall profession has a terrible error rate, so audits are more likely to be profitable.  In chiropractic today, it’s not “if” you will be audited, it’s “when”.

Self audits are the best way to be prepared. Join Dr. Cross as he discusses how to find your problems before the auditor does, and the best ways to fix them to protect your practice.

Dr. Cross will help you start your success with the new changes and required planning.

Presentation By: Dr. Don Cross, DC, Certified Professional Compliance Officer,
Host: Dr. Steven Weiniger,


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