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June 8 – Webinar: After Posture Month- Posture Specialist Strategies

Thursday June 8 @ 1:00 p.m.
You’ve taken posture pictures…now what?
Professionals who participated in the 2017 May is PostureMonth campaign know people are engaged when they see a clinical picture of themselves attempting to stand tall.  Their next question- What does it mean, and what can I do?
Learn the secret of progressing people from an intellectual awareness that posture is important to a personal consciousness, one that includes caring for their own posture.
The StrongPosture® BAM protocols are a system to functionally strengthen posture to make changes people can see and feel, while they learn to understand and talk about posture.
Whether you used the PostureZone® app to take posture pictures or just a camera,  the PostureZone® framework is your key to personally connect people to their body.
And if you care for people with back, neck or musculo-skeletal pain, OR if you’re focused on keeping people active and pain free, the posture pictures you took this may are the benchmark for your patient’s standing biomechanics next May.  Haven’t started taking posture pictures yet?  Start now, and you’ll be ready for Posture Month 2018.
Either way, join the Posture Expert, Dr. Steven Weiniger to learn how the PostureZone® app and framework, StrongPosture® rehab exercise protocols, and CPEP® certified posture exercise professional program build a strong and stable foundation for the successful PosturePractice.

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