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Need license renewal continuing education? Get the same great posture training in an online, video-based course! Learn the popular StrongPosture® exercise protocols for rehab, performance, wellness and active aging from the comfort of your own home.

Taught by posture expert Dr. Steven Weiniger, each course features a series of videos designed to prepare you to incorporate concepts right now… in practice with patients, clients, and yourself!

Integrating posture into a practice with assessment, passive therapy and active exercise improves results, especially with patients experiencing the results of chronic mechanical, postural conditions. As patients begin to move and feel better, there is an excitement that builds engagement and empowerment.



Learn posture concepts, anatomy, research, assessment and how-to of each posture exercise through a lecture-demonstration format.  We offer five different three-hour modules. Take one, or take them all! Earn up to 15 CE hours.

Courses are available online 24 hours. Earn CE on your schedule.

Posture & Balance Assessment, Rehabilitation & Motor Control Exercise

Course Presented in 5 Modules

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

Functionally Strengthening Balance, Alignment and Motion for Rehab, Performance & Aging Well

See, experience and communicate posture in a whole new way with StrongPosture® protocols. Module 1 of the 15 hour course covers research supporting common-sense bio-mechanics, and teaches you to engage people with practical Postural Motor Control Exercise (pMCE).

Relieve pain and reduce mechanical stress with pMCE tailored to the individual. Specific tracks target and progressively strengthen postural Balance, Alignment and Motion for effective rehab, winning performance and optimizing wellness.

Improve static standing, habitual sitting as well as dynamic gait. Mindful motion training along with concepts designed for chiropractors, muscular therapists, trainers and other motion based professionals is the path to truly be “the Posture Specialist”.

(VIDEO format – 3 CE) ★★★★★

Rehab and Crossed Posture Syndromes – Concepts, Exercise and Execution

Progress your ability to retrain postural Balance, Alignment and Motion in Module 2 as you discover how easy it is individualize exercises for just about any body in our tech society.

Systematically connecting perception and reality with the StrongPosture® concepts and PostureZone® framework will deepen your ability to assess, communicate and functionally strengthen posture. Trademarked StrongPosture® MUST vs TRY cueing address subtleties of kinetic chain motion to really focus effort and training on weak and neglected mechanical links.

The observational description of Janda’s Upper and Lower Crossed Syndromes is reframed as cueable masses – the 4 PostureZones® – for a truly actionable way to mechanically and neurologically retrain posture towards symmetry. Coupled with postural awareness of concepts and images, and your care, it’s a powerful strategy to build the value of posture care to move well and pain-free.

(VIDEO format – 3 CE) ★★★★★

From Functional Compensation to Structural Adaptation: The Cascade of Posture Breakdown

Posture breaks down with predictable patterns of functional compensations and structural adaptations, where neurologic facilitation and behavioral habits is reinforced by spirals of mechanical weakness and overuse.

Module 3 addresses postural low back and neck pain, with specific attention on strengthening diaphragmatic breathing patterns. Attentional focus exercises strengthen, refine and progress accurate control of core coupled whole body motion for changes people really feel.

Integrate active motion control retraining with the unique contributions of passive therapies such as spinal manipulation and muscular therapies. StrongPosture® education and demos systematically promote bio-mechanic understanding, along with an appreciation of the value of posture care for people living seated in a folded, tech society.

(VIDEO format – 3 CE) ★★★★★

Balance and the Core Integration – From Low back pain to Fall Protection and successful aging.

Posture is how you balance your body, and weakening balance has real consequences for health and mortality. Research shows balance and coordination exercises improve back pain, in addition to reducing the risk of injury from a fall – a real risk for aging boomers. Yet postural balance training is a sorely neglected facet of many exercise programs.

Module 4 progresses B.A.M. StrongPosture® retraining with progressive core integration, with an emphasis on successful aging. Bench-marking static posture and dynamic balance sets the bar for comparison and measurable improvement.

Especially for sedentary workers and the aged, restricting structure (posture) into flexion for a significant part of life has a real effect on how we move all the time… and on how we function all the time. You’ll learn why and how strengthening posture as people age not only rehabs injury, but can play a tremendous role to keep people moving well, and to keep on moving well as they age.

(VIDEO format – 3 CE) ★★★★★

StrongPosture® LifeHabits: A Strategy for Rehab, Performance, & Active Aging.

Strengthening posture is about more than rehab. StrongPosture® B.A.M. retrains accuracy of core controlled, whole body stabilization to optimize the effectiveness of rehab.

Posture is the external expression of both bio-mechanics and state of mind. All exercise is not created equal because we get better at doing whatever it is we’re doing.

By teaching people to understand their body, and empowering them with self-care techniques and individualized exercises (as well as appropriate clinical care), the posture specialist can play an active role in promoting postural health in society.

Regular posture exercise and periodic posture re-exams can help people move and feel better, exercise more effectively, and even look trimmer and younger. In other words, Stand Taller to Live Longer to live better and age successfully.

(VIDEO format – 3 CE) ★★★★★

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Posture Practice Online continuing education courses are sponsored by University of Western States (UWS) for 2019. The following is our understanding of current state law and approvals. Please check with your state board for any recent updates or changes to state law and continuing education requirements or approvals.

Approvals by State/Province

AL 6 HRS | (AL #900111)
AK 15 HRS | PACE #5260
AZ  —
AR 15 HRS | (#AR7152)
CA 15 HRS | (#CA-A-18-10-10018)
FL Pending
HI 15 HRS | (#HI 18-031)
ID 6 HRS | PACE #5260 | CCE
IL Pending
IN —
IA 15 HRS | PACE #5260 | CCE
KS 15 HRS | PACE #5260
KY —
LA —
ME 15 HRS | PACE #5260
MD 15 HRS | PACE #5260
MA 15 HRS | PACE #5260
MN 15 HRS | PACE #5260
MS —
MO 15 HRS | UWS Approved
MT 12 HRS | PACE #5260 | CCE
NE 6 HRS | PACE #5260 | CCE
NV 15 HRS | PACE #5260
NJ 15 HRS | PACE #5260
NM 8 HRS | PACE #5260 | CCE
NY 15 HRS | #NYSCB 1198
NC 12 HRS | PACE #5260
ND 15 HRS | PACE #5260 | CCE
OH 12 HRS | PACE #5260
OK 8 HRS | PACE #5260
OR 15 HRS | PACE #5260 | CCE
PA 15 HRS | #DCE 001383 exp. 9/1/20
SC 12 HRS | PACE #5260 | CCE
SD 15 HRS | PACE #5260
TN 6 HOURS | PACE #5260
TX 10 HRS | (TX #o07-9312)
UT 10 HRS | PACE #5260 | CCE
VT 15 HRS | PACE #5260 | CCE
VA 15 HRS | CCE [Type 1]
WV 15 HRS | UWS Approved
WI —
WY —
D.C. 15 HRS | CCE
PR 15 HRS | PACE #5260
AB 15 HRS | Pending
NS 15 HRS | PACE #5260
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University of Western States is recognized by the PACE program of the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards. PACE #5260

University is also a CCE approved college.

All 15 hours are approved for DACRB elective category credits.

NCBTMB Approved Provider No. 451566-11 – National Massage Board Approval

All 15 online hours are approved and apply to CPEP® Posture Specialist Certification (internationally).

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