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September 18 – Webinar: Creating Better Patients

Tuesday, September 18
1:00 – 1:45 PM EDT

Creating Better Patients: The PosturePractice™ approach to Spine Care and Low Back Pain
If you want a better practice, start by building better patients.
From the first visit interview and assessment thru acute, rehab and any ongoing care, the best strategy for a referral practice are having systems which put the patient first.
Join Dr. Steven Weiniger, the Posture Expert, and learn how the PosturePractice™ approach to spine care makes you unique and differentiates your practice.  Posture literally sets the baseline for all locomotor function, and strengthening postural symmetry and function is the base of effective rehab, as well as being an amazing framework for communicating to patients, prospective patients and other professionals.
The prestigious journal The Lancet issued a global call to action on the global crisis in low back pain, and the new low back pain care guideline from the American College of Physicians clearly state the value of spinal manipulation and motor control exercise (i.e. the StrongPosture® protocols) over surgery and drugs. October is Spine Month, and the door is open for increased referrals from spine focused physicians from orthopedists to neurologists to PCPs.  All understand that when someone’s standing posture is adaptive, then their motion is adaptive.
So whether you’re already using the PostureZone® app to take posture pictures or just getting started focusing on posture, Dr. Weiniger will show you how the PostureZone® framework and StrongPosture® Motion Control Exercises (MCE) protocols are the foundation for referrals for the successful PosturePractice. Plus, Josh Walker of Chiro1Source will share some secrets to getting patients products they rave about.
PS October 16 is World Spine Day, spearheaded by the World Federation of Chiropractic and DCs globally who promote conservative spine care

Join the Posture Expert, Dr. Steven Weiniger to learn how the PostureZone® app and framework, StrongPosture® rehab exercise protocols, and CPEP® certified posture exercise professional program build a strong and stable foundation for the successful Posture Practice.



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