Posture Rehab Protocol Set

Posture Rehab Protocol Set

StrongPosture® Rehab Exercise Protocol

• 20+ patient visit exercise protocols
• Patient education tips and demos
• Implement step-by-step rehab protocol into your practice

Get this program to:

  • Improve rehab results and retention
  • Increase patient participation
  • Stimulate referrals


  • Professional Training Manual – 90+ pages
  • Posture Exercise Patient Handouts CD
  • Balance and Alignment Protocol DVD

Includes everything to begin implementing Strong Posture Rehab Exercise Protocols. Manual gives detail, order to teach, how to cue patient/client, addressing adaptations, modifying exercises (easier/peelback or more difficult/progression).

Exercise handouts give patients take-home info to practice what they’ve learned. Mark your expectation of repetitions, and “recheck date” to ensure compliance.

Bonus: a copy of Stand Taller Live Longer. Packed with patient education, posture assessment, posture anatomy and posture principles.

Due to the reproducible nature of electronic and printed media, this item may not be returned or refunded for any reason. In the event of disc damage we will provide a replacement. *Note: This item is included with CPEP Certification and the Complete Posture Practice Package.

StrongPosture® Reviews

I recommend this program to any physician who wishes to incorporate a highly effective posture focused wellness program into their practice.

Not only has it helped my patients immensely in improving strong posture but also gives the the education of how and why, which dramatically increases patient compliance.

Dr. Austin Hsu, DC, CPEP, Bellevue, WA

Our patients love the Strong Posture Program in our office and we have it included in 80% of our patient care plans.

Thanks for such a solid program.

Dr. Robert Thoma, DC, CPEP, Virginia Beach, VA

The patient handouts have been an excellent resource. Many of my patients have been impressed and comment that the information was so helpful for their recovery.

I have realized the endless benefits of strong posture for people in their daily lives, not just to treat problems but avoid them all together.

Raina Trevenna, OT, CHT, CPEP, Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL
raina trevenna