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Posture Specialist: Zsolt Kálbori, DC CPEP

Dr. Zsolt Kálbori, DC CPEP

Kiropraktika Központ – Budapest, Hungary

One of only six Doctors of Chiropractic in the nation of Hungary, Dr. Zsolt Kálbori hopes to take his practice to the next level with the StrongPosture exercise protocols.

Dr. Kálbori, born in Hungary, spent his formative years in Sweden.  He first encountered chiropractic care as a teen, struggling with knee problems.  A good friend introduced him to his father, a chiropractor who also served on the board for the Anglo-European Chiropractic College.  After successful treatments, Dr. Kalbori wanted to help others the same way.

“I knew then that this was my path – it made my studies easy,” Kálbori says.

His friend’s father acted as a mentor for both Kálbori and his own son, who also wanted to pursue chiropractic education.  He urged the pair to study chiropractic care in America, which he insisted would be the best place to receive their training.

Kálbori and his friend attended Palmer College in Davenport, IA on student visas.  Kálbori notes that a large number of students at Palmer were international, as America is viewed worldwide as the best in chiropractic education.

“American chiropractic programs have a great international reputation.  Europe has developed some excellent chiropractic programs, as well.  Europeans have enormous interest in chiropractic, but have not always had access to it.”

Upon graduating in 1999, Kálbori returned to his native Hungary to establish his practice, which currently sees 700-800 patients a month.  He says he cares for people of all backgrounds, from infants to geriatrics, sedentary to professional and Olympic athletes.  He has always incorporated posture concepts, including postural assessments.

“Posture is something that people remember from childhood.  It isn’t all about fashion and looking good from the outside.  The concept of posture is so easy to sell because it is self-evident.  Chiropractic needs a lot of explanation at times.  With posture assessments, my patients can readily see and understand where they have problems.  And, if they don’t like the picture, they can start making changes.”

Kálbori offers posture screenings as part of his care plan, and feels that chiropractic care by itself can be excellent but it is a passive treatment.  When he learned of the StrongPosture exercises, he became eager to move his practice in that direction.

“I have seen great results from adjustments, but I wanted to offer exercises that were set up in a structured, professional manner.  With adjustments, many people start to feel symptom-free, and they drop out of care.  Of course their problems return.  I feel my patients will be more compliant with these exercises.  I expect to see longer-lasting and better results, especially because any exercise regime that is cut down to just a couple minutes a day is very appealing.  Living in a large city, people complain that they don’t have the time, and it has to be easy.  I urge my patients to start with Stork – they can do it while waiting for the bus, or on break at work.  The simplicity of these exercises is the key.”

Dr. Kálbori has just begun implementing the CPEP protocols at his practice and already has great plans for expansion, including development of school and work posture programs.

“My oldest daughter just started school, and I see kids with large, heavy backpacks. My goal is to work on school children and create posture awareness in them – they can still be saved. Furthermore, parents will have to bring the children to my practice, which allows me to instill good posture habits in them as well. It’s a win-win situation. I also see many people with businesses. I plan to put together a program for the workplace focusing on how to sit properly and giving them StrongPosture exercises to do during the day. The goal in mind is to help others be healthier, and I feel that in providing posture-focused care, I am working toward just that.”

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