Posture is Trending in Media

Improving posture as a powerful health and longevity strategy is trending. Dr. Weiniger’s expertise is featured by leading national and international TV networks, radio, print publications and health/fitness industry magazines, including NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS, Prevention, Oxygen, SHAPE, Real Simple and Women’s Health.

Tiger Woods Back Surgery

Fox News affiliate asks expert Dr. Steven Weiniger about Tiger Woods latest back surgery. According to recent media pro golfer Tiger woods had his 4th back...
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Digital Age Injuries

It’s been a few months since the game Pokémon Go debuted and hooked millions of players worldwide. While getting more active is a beneficial side...
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Tech Neck, Why it Matters

Media Highlights ‘Tech Neck’ as Digital Device Usage Soars Now that cellphones and other mobile devices have leaped from an entertainment device to a necessity...
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Posture and Productivity

Dr. Mike Jorgensen, CPEP, published in Florida newspaper PostureMedia:  Florida Weekly Dr. Mike Jorgensen, DC, CPEP, recently made Florida headlines with his article on posture...
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