2017 Seminar Schedule

If you’re a wellness, fitness or healthcare professional, you’ll greatly benefit from attending a seminar, as they are designed to teach posture protocols applicable to all ages, fitness levels and lifestyles. Whether you’re certifying or just seeking the latest posture analysis and rehabilitation techniques, these seminars will help improve your practice. Designated seminar hours count toward CPEP certification (optional).

Oct 21 -22 Canberra, AU

6 CEU HRS – StrongPosture® Assessment and Rehab for pain relief, performance and successful aging the DC as Posture Specialist   Dr. Weiniger will present 6 hrs CEU...
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Nov 11-12 – Charlotte, NC

12 CEU HRS StrongPosture® Protocols and Strategies for Strengthening Patients and Referrals  12 CE hours  $199 for a NCCA member $249 for non-members $99 NCCA...
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Dec 16-17 – Fort Myers FL

12 CEU HRS – DC, DACRB, CPEP®, MT, NCBTMB Posture Assessment Rehab and Therapy for Pain Relief, Performance and Aging Well Dr. Weiniger will present 12 hrs CEU...
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Apr 8 – Las Vegas, NV

2 CEU HRS – Posture Assessment Rehab and Therapy for Pain Relief, Performance, and Aging Well   Dr. Weiniger will present 2 hrs CEU in Las Vegas,...
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We’ll provide a hands-on experience in which you learn by doing, actionable insights and exercises you can easily incorporate into your practice.You’ll feel empowered: physically, mentally and professionally. Your practice will appeal to a wider audience because posture improvement can benefit everyone.