Nov 2-3 Sydney NSW Australia

12 FLA HRS – DC, MT, CA, CPEP® Posture, Balance, Assessment, Rehabilitation & Motor Control Exercise Dr. Weiniger will present 12 FLA in Sydney, NSW Australia on Nov...
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Spinal Health Month

October is Spinal Health Month, and as wellness professionals, we should take this opportunity to educate our patients and clients on the...
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Mar 21-22 Paris France

12 HRS CEU – Posture Assessment, Therapy & Exercise for Pain Relief and Aging Well Posture, Equilibre Et Mouvement Register Today!>>>   IN FRENCH Register...
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Free Posture Assessment App

Do you offer posture screenings?  Using the free PostureZone app makes assessing posture a snap, whether you’re in office or at events!  (Download FREE PostureZone...
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