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July 30 Webinar: New Posture Research

WEBINAR – Posture Research Review: Clinical Insights from Assessment to Rehab

Tues, July 30, 2019 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM EDTPosture Research

From tech-neck to standing desks, posture continues to be in mainstream news, and exciting new studies mean there’s more posture headlines to come.

Join Dr. Steven Weiniger, the posture expert, to find out about cutting edge postural and bio-mechanics research from the last year and learn how:

  • posture rehab researchViews on the importance of posture are shifting.
  • All motion begins with posture mechanically… and neurologically. From the CNS down (and it’s more than feed-forward motion)
  • Clinical postural strategies improve results for patients, and are implementable to create a successful posture practice.

Spots are limited so make sure you sign-up today and show up a few minutes early.

Speaker: Dr. Steven Weiniger




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