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Mar 21-22 Paris France

12 HRS CEU –

Posture Assessment, Therapy & Exercise for Pain Relief and Aging Well

Posture, Equilibre Et Mouvement

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Dr. Weiniger will present 12 hrs CE in Paris, France.

Host: IFEC (all health/fitness practitioners welcome)
Sat  May 18:  8:30-6  (registration begins 8:30, seminar begins at 9)
Sun May 19:  9-1

Event Location: 
IFEC Campus Paris
24 bd Paul Vaillant-Couturier
94200 Ivry-Sur-Seine

Paris France


Learn to incorporate posture rehab into your practice with the StrongPosture® protocols. Experience for yourself in dynamic, hands-on group training a complete, step-by-step postural assessment and rehab program to find and strengthen weaknesses in subtle patterns of motor control.

Whether sitting or standing, walking or competing, posture care is the intersection of mindful Awareness, patterned motor Control habits and a person’s ergonomic postural Environment. Our ACE model is a systematic way to empower people to strengthen their unique postural weaknesses by retraining granular control with awareness.

Dr Steven Weiniger, the posture expert who’s trained thousands of professionals globally, will teach you the framework designed for you and your staff to custom fit specific exercises to the functional ability of the individual. Plus, interactive Posture Principles and demos tell an evidence- based bio-mechanic story, Page 2 one people can share with others.

1 weekend that can change your practice… and patients’ lives.

Whether you’re treating someone for acute injury or chronic NMS pain management, overall wellness or active aging, find out how posture rehab grows word-of-mouth referrals. Discover how objective posture rehab and subjective somatic mindfulness really helps patients get relief and, along with your care, engages them to move, feel and be well.

Stand out in the community

Seminar attendees will learn to differentiate themselves by specializing in posture with StrongPosture® motor control exercise protocols as a rehab and communications framework. Developed by Dr. Steven Weiniger, author of Stand Taller Live Longer- An Anti-Aging Strategy and founder of the CPEP® Certified Posture Exercise Professional program, the protocols use MUST vs TRY cueing to retrain posture subtleties towards objective references, and towards symmetry, for more accurate control and stabilization.

StrongPosture® cueing in short duration encounters make it easy to systematically tailor rehab to each individual’s unique motion patterns, engaging people as they quickly experience a real difference. Which in turn boosts compliance, referrals and retention.

Educate patients & healthcare providers with posture pictures

Medical physicians from orthopedists to neurologists to GPs all understand that when someone stands adaptively, motion is adaptive. The observational, non-pathologizing PostureZone model facilitates MD understanding of posture as functional, something that can be strengthened by training with motor control towards accuracy. And of course, if segmental motion is restricted spinal manipulation can restore motion.

In today’s tech society, communicating bio-mechanics with posture engages patients, the public and other practitioners. Posture is the path to connect with physicians seeing back pain patients, and for the evidence grounded chiropractor to credibly become the go-to posture specialist.
Learning Objectives

•Assess and benchmark static postural balance visually and functionally (Balance track)
•Understand bio-mechanics of Janda’s Crossed syndromes with respect the the PostureZone® model
•Use attentional focus to external cues to retrain perceived postural control of head-torso- pelvis towards more accurate self-aware (Alignment track)
•Integrate accuracy of motor control using an exercise ball with static postural and balance assessments (Motion track)
•Educate patients with a common-sense bio-mechanical model to understand and communicate posture


Internationally renowned posture expert, Dr. Steven Weiniger, has trained thousands of practitioners to first rehab injuries and then help keep patients moving well with StrongPosture® rehab protocols. He’s presented for numerous chiropractic organizations including, New York Chiropractic College, University of Western States, Northwestern, l’Institut Franco-Européen de Chiropraxie, Australian Chiropractors Association, American Chiropractic Association and the World Federation of Chiropractic.

Dr. Weiniger is the founder of the advanced posture specialist certification, Certified Posture Exercise Professional (CPEP®), setting the clinical standard for posture improvement and rehab protocols with clinicians worldwide.

In an initiative to promote posture awareness he developed PostureZone, a free posture analysis app. Dr. Weiniger also spearheads the annual global public health campaign. His expertise is featured extensively in media including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and Global News. He is the founder of and

Want to take your practice to the next level? Get Certified!

Patients and clients experience improved results and greater engagement with StrongPosture® exercise programs. Becoming a CPEP® is the common-sense next step for those looking to set the standard in strengthening posture for pain relief, rehab, wellness, sports performance and anti-aging.

Take your practice to the next level with CPEP® certification and perfect a bio-mechanical model that promotes focused motion exercise as integral to strengthening posture while improving balance, function and activity, and be seen as the local posture expert.

Contact Posture Practice to learn how to get certified at this event.  770-922-0700  Click Here to Register in English


Host: Institut Franco-Europeen de Chiropraxie (Register)


L’évaluation posturale “étape par étape” et le programme de réhab du dr Weiniger permettent de découvrir les faiblesses cachées du système locomoteur.
Ce programme complet d’intégration de la réhab de la posture à votre fonctionnement de cabinet vous permettra d’améliorer et de peaufiner vos résultats dans le cas de douleur chronique ou le cas de blessure, ainsi que d’améliorer les performances sportives, le bien-être et le Bien Vieillir.


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