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posture training certification seminar gold coast australia

Nov 16-17 Gold Coast QLD Australia


Posture, Balance, Assessment, Rehabilitation & Motor Control Exercise

Dr. Weiniger will present 12 FLA in Gold Coast, QLD Australia on Nov 16-17, 2019

Details: See Brochure

Hosted By Australian Chiropractors Association

Who Should Attend? Australia cpd fla hours chiropractic

  • DC
  • CA, MT, PT, CPT, Staff
  • CPD – ACA sponsored FLA hours
  • CPEP® – Approved Hours
  • DACRB – Approved Elective Hours


Posture is the intersection of structure and function. Dr. Steven Weiniger’s step-by-step postural assessment and rehab program will teach you to find hidden weakness and strengthen motor control.

During the Live 12 hour course, you will experience dynamic, hands-on training and learn skills to truly boost the benefits of your posture exercise services. StrongPosture® protocols will improve compliance, outcomes and inevitably referrals.

In 1 weekend you’ll learn a complete program to incorporate posture rehab into your practice and treat injury or chronic pain, as well as promote sports performance, wellness and active aging. Plus, the research backed bio-mechanics and Posture Principles help you tell a story people can share about you, their posture-focused practitioner.

  • Thrive in competitive markets
  • Attract more new patients
  • Stand out in the community
  • 20+ visit posture rehab program

Lots of hands-on in this weekend class! Please register early so we can plan rehab tools and supplies for class.

Hosted by Australian Chiropractors Association  Call: Posture Practice: 770-922-0700 | Contact Form

“You are on the cutting edge of where Chiropractic needs to go and, after being in practice for some time, this is the most exciting program I have seen.

It also helps, having been at your previous presentations, to know that you have a rare insight, great skill and a high level of professional expertise in teaching Chiropractors this great program.”  Wayne Adams, DC – Osborne Park, WA, Australia

“It has excelled my practice beyond my thought.”

“They have more mobility, feel stronger and lighter, and have much less pain.”


Details: See Brochure

Join us in the Gold Coast.  Questions? Call: Posture Practice: 770-922-0700 | Email: Contact Form

CPEP® Posture Certification (optional)

Do you want to earn CPEP Posture Certification at this event? Enroll in CPEP before the seminar and complete the online coursework prior to the live, hands-on training. Contact Us for more information.

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