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Have you downloaded the free posture check app?

BodyZone releases version 1.3 of the PostureZone app

UPDATE:  Version 1.3 of PostureZone, the free posture assessment app for iOS and Android.




What’s new in Version 1.3?

Posture pictures now save to your picture gallery for easier access.  Using the Pro Version? You can now choose to take the image OR pick one already in your gallery to assess.  This will speed up your assessments at events and allow you to capture pictures and process them later!

Did you know…
You can use the PostureZone app on your iPad, too?  Here’s how to search, download & install for your Android, iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini:

  1. OPEN iTunes. Search “posturezone” in App Store under iPhone apps (even if you’re on an iPad) – or you can click here!
  2. CLICK “Free” Download button.  This will download the app to your iTunes account.
  3. FIND the PostureZone icon.  Just click to open on your iPhone, iPad, or iPad Mini.
  4. VIEW the tutorial.  Learn how to use the features of the app – find videos from the app menu

Use the app in your practice to demonstrate changes in posture, and share with patients & clients to encourage regular personal posture monitoring!

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