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Howard Stern is 60…and worried about his posture

He’s “Incredulous” that despite trying he can’t stand tall

Howard Stern was talking about posture this morning, according to a CPEP (Certified Posture Exercise Professional) who just called.  Talking about Stern’s recent 60th birthday bash, Fred Armisen did an imitiation of Robert Downey Jr by mimicking his “best posture in Hollywood”.  Stern agreed that Downey’s posture was the best he’s seen.

And both men agreed they can’t believe how hunched over they look when they see themselves in pictures, and that they’d really like better posture.  The 6’5″ Howard Stern observed it was not just his height causing him to hunch over because the shorter Armisen does too, observing “it seems even short guys have bad posture. I try to give myself a pep talk so I can stand tall throughout the day, but it seems to always fail.”  He was incredulous…I’m Howard Stern, why don’t I stand tall? His explanation: I can’t hold the posture, I get tired and slump over.

OUR ANSWER: Adopt a daily 10 minute daily routine to improve posture by retraining neglected muscle patterns from slumping. Work on strengthening good posture sooner.  If you wait longer, you’ll slump over more.

In other words,… Stand Taller~Live Longer. It’s an Anti- Aging Strategy


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