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Involuntary Eye Movement Affects Posture

Can cueing gaze help reprogram postural control asymmetry?

Girls with idiopathic scoliosis lack normal control of eye movement for postural stabilization.  Increased spinal curvatures were correlated with greater weakness in the control of controlling eye movement.


Researchers at  the University of Lorraine in France looked at fifty three adolescent girls

between 10 and 14 and found significantly altered visuo-oculomotor function correlated with a 15 degree or greater Cobb angle.  Vestibul-ocular reflexes were normal, as was visual function in those with curves under 15 degrees, implicating an oculomotor dysfunction in the brainstem &/or cerebellum in the development of scoliosis.


PosturePractice Implication:

Integrate strong and consistent visual gaze cueing when retraining neurologic posture control patterns using the StrongPosture® exercise protocols.

Visuo-Oculomotor Deficiency at Early-Stage Idiopathic Scoliosis in Adolescent Girls. Lion, Haumont, Gauchard, Wiener-Vacher, Lascombes,, Perrin, Spine 2012 Jul 23.


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