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PostureMedia: Senior Voice America interviews Dr. Weiniger
October is Spinal Health Month, which presents a great opportunity for you to discuss the importance of posture with your patients/clients, if you’re not doing so already.

In this interview with Health, Wealth & Wisdom on Senior Voice America radio, Dr. Weiniger suggests that we should be aware of our posture all the time, but encouraging your patients & clients to have an annual posture assessment is important – not only for their appearance as they age, but for their long-term health.

He says that improving posture not only helps to relieve neck and back pain, but “literally affects how you breathe, it affects your digestion – it’s the mechanics of everything that happens in your body.”

When asked on where people should start to begin strengthening their posture, Dr. Weiniger recommends the services of Posture Specialists & other posture professionals, in addition to making minor changes in their daily habits to enhance posture awareness.

Listen to full interview here:


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