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Posture Awareness versus StrongPosture® Consciousness

ACE Your Posture

After introducing the ACE framework of Awareness-Control-Environment at the intro webinar, posture pros are asking me the difference between posture awareness and posture consciousness…and where does StrongPosture® fit in?

Posture awareness is a good thing for everybody, and so is the goal of the annual campaign to make people think about their posture and encourage them to take a posture picture. Posture awareness is as simple as paying attention to how you’re using your body.

How you hold your body molds how your body holds you. ~Dr. Steven Weiniger

On the other hand, StrongPosture® consciousness is when you know and can feel the specific place for your body to be bio-mechanically strong. It’s the direction towards which each PostureZone® – Head, Torso, Pelvis and the Lower Extremity – is vertically aligned. When you’re standing, and walking, and moving, no matter how you’re using your body, it’s the core engagement and coupling up and down the kinetic chain that minimizes injury and maximizes performance.

Problems occur when poor habits and posture environments cause subtle shifts in alignment, causing unconscious compensation above and below, left and right. And when motion becomes asymmetric, people’s perception of how the body is standing is wrong…which is why you take a posture picture (and why we recommend the PostureZone® app to systematically benchmark and compare postural alignment and symmetry).

In other words: Posture awareness is what people should have, in general. Meanwhile, StrongPosture® consciousness is what you build to strengthen the accuracy and control of where your body is in space, and how you move through life.

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