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Posture Reports Using PostureZone App

Posture Reports – Posture App

PostureZone App – New Feature!

One of our favorite new features is PDF reports.  You can now

  • Track patient/client history
  • Compare pre and post assessments
  • Provide pdf reports of the findings
  • Save or email directly from the app

Don’t have it yet? Get PostureZone from iTunes (or from the app store on your device). (Download FREE PostureZone App for iPhone/iPad or Download the FREE PostureZone App for Android)



Create Posture Reports

1. Complete your professional profile
2. Choose the posture pictures you want to include and then create the report
3. Customize the report comments for each individual (optional)
4. You can share and export PDF reports
5. Posture reports are saved in the patient/client case folder for future access

Watch the Tutorial Video

Download Now  Download FREE PostureZone App for iPhone/iPad or Download the FREE PostureZone App for Android

Version 1.4 – You’ll love the new pro features.  Update your posture app now to access the upgrades. *Note – tutorial in this post is a pro version feature.

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