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Standing Tall in the Shark Tank

Wall Street Journal did an article last week1 on one of my favorite TV shows, “Shark Tank.” It’s a brilliant marketing machine where business owners give away 5% of their company (or 2% of future royalties) just for appearing on the show2. And as TV is entertainment and so should be taken with a grain of salt, there can be a lot of wisdom in how the sharks size up their partners (or is it prey?).

What really caught my eye was the first of 10 tips for making a winning pitch came from Kevin O’Leary, telling entrepreneurs to stand up straight.

“I can tell by the way they look back at me or the way they stand whether I’m going to invest in them.”

It’s good to know that sharks agree with the importance of posture.

Hmmm…Maybe I should go into the Tank?


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