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Strengthening Control for Low Back Pain: Dancers

Low back pain is big problem for dancers, especially for young dancers in training. A recent study demonstrated that what I learned in chiropractic school…that back pain was caused by excessive stretching of muscles and joints…was not correct (or more accurately, incomplete).

Dancers at a Belgian conservatory were evaluated, and low back pain was found to be the second most injured area of the body, after the feet. Regarding those with LBP, “generalized joint hyper mobility or muscle extensibility appears unrelated to LBP in dancers.” However, the dancers with LPB did “show altered motor control of the lumbopelvic region.”

StrongPosture® Takeaway
Additional support for why CPEPs focusing on dancers are experiencing tremendous results in strengthening BAM (Balance-Alignment-Motion) posture control patterns.  See this recent article to read more about these results.

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