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The Beers List – Drugs to be avoided for people over 65

The Beers List: Drugs to be avoided for people over 65
Evidence Based Practice from the American Geriatrics Society

The list of drugs causing adverse reactions in older adults was originally created in 1991 by Mark Beers, MD. In 2012 a team of geriatrics experts released the Beers Catalogue after assessing the physiologic changes of aging and each drugs pharmacologic properties. It’s intended as a guide improve care of older adults by identifying medications for which risks outweigh the benefits and to reduce exposure to Potentially Inappropriate Medications (PIMs), and should not be used to supersede a physicians clinical judgment or patient’s individual needs. Thanks to Dr. Paul Osterbauer, NWUHS, for pointing out the importance of all clinicians—especially those who promote a less drug reliant lifestyle— to be aware of advisories against indiscriminate medication of patients.


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