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Relationships, Compliance, Engagement

The pain is gone… and so is your patient.

Just because the pain gone, it doesn’t mean the bio-mechanic issue(s) at fault are sustainably addressed. And, unfortunately, many patients discontinue care and stop doing commonly prescribed home rehab exercise, setting the stage for the problem to return.

Wherever the pain is – back, neck, knee, shoulder, etc. – when the problem returns, all too often the patient “forgets” their non-compliance, saying to themselves (and possibly others) that your care didn’t “fix” their problem.

Retention and Revenue

Rehab done right is the glue for patients to stick around after they ‘feel better’. 

Learn how building body awareness with posture consciousness begins with a framework to communicate the WHY of exercises individualized for their body. In the video below, Dr. Weiniger shows how the Balance, Alignment and Motion (BAM) tracks of the StrongPosture® exercise protocols and the PostureZone® model helps people understand the benefits of care while systematically engaging them as they experience improvement in doing their StrongPosture® exercise. Plus, when people see dramatic changes in their PostureZone® picture, they not only tell others – they show them!

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