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Linking new research to StrongPosture cueing

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If you’ve been reading my blog, there’s been an explosion of research supporting the methodology we call the StrongPosture® exercises (if you don’t get my blogposts, update your subscription settings here).

The scientific validation and accompanying insight has prompted comments at recent seminars and CPEP proficiency exams about the “new stuff.”  Some terminology and cueing is shifting and broadening for better congruence with this current research.  For example, adding the explanation of attentional focus to the ceiling for dial-in is intended to correlate the work by recent studies (see here and here) with the updated phrasing of the StrongPosture® protocols. And whether or not you are in the hot seat for your CPEP proficiency testing, everyone in the CPEP program at a seminar location is welcome for hands-on cueing tips, feedback, and personal work.

I truly appreciate the feedback colleagues send us about their results with people, from the NMS and back pain commonly seen to problems ranging from Parkinson’s to post-stroke rehab. Using MUST vs. TRY to connect perception with external reality, and simultaneously linking that reality linked perception to attentional focus really does create a virtuous cycle. And while this is not how I would have described the StrongPosture® exercise protocols as we developed a process to teach doctors to teach patients, it is completely accurate.

The plan and strategy to build this CPEP certification in the public eye is progressing. I am always gratified to see our work covered in the media. And to borrow the marketing phrases… “wait…there’s more!”.

The big project in the hopper is a new way to help you teach patients to do their StrongPosture® exercises. Take a look at this video – it’s a sample of what we help to help you use to teach your people to stand taller and live longer.

If you have any feedback, let me know- Click to send a Message

Help us tell others about what YOU are doing. Wear a CPEP T-shirt when you are at play and start gathering some stories. Share them and a picture (selfies are fine) with us and you may even win a iPad mini (see Power of CPEP Contest)

I look forward to helping you build a unique awareness of something that is truly important – people’s bodies, in a way they’ve never looked at it before. Hope to see you soon, and let us know how you are progressing with being “the Posture Specialist.”


P.S.  Here’s a great tip for Cervical Retractions:

FOR: When someone is unable to find Neutral Head Level and continues to go into cervical extension while attempting to pull their head back towards the wall,

ACTION: Have them put on a pair of glasses, pulled down a bit on the nose.

  1. Gently put their head into Neutral Head Level
  2. Have them find and fix attention on a spot directly in front of them, at eye level
  3. Align the top edge of the frame with the spot to give them a next an external frame of reference for their Neutral Head Level. ( A similar strategy works by pulling the brim of a baseball down so you are aligning the bottom of the cap with the spot.)

online-ce-posture-practice-online-450sqLearn the StrongPosture® protocol online. Our 15 hour CE approved course will teach you the anatomy, research, patient communications and protocols for the posture rehab protocol.


posture-rehab-correction-protocol-450sqIntegrate the StrongPosture® protocol in practice. This set contains a spiral bound professional training manual, patient/client handouts, instructional DVD and a copy of Stand Taller Live Longer.

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