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If you know anything about fitness fads, you’ve likely heard of CrossFit. Developed nearly 15 years ago by fitness professional Greg Glassman, CrossFit recently exploded in popularity in the exercise industry. The circuit-style workout features power and Olympic lifting, calisthenics, plyometric, and body weight resistance training that yields quick, body-transforming results.

However, there has been some criticism of intensity and resulting injuries within the CrossFit crowd, which has largely been attributed to improper form. Dr. Deane Studer (left), chiropractor, Certified Posture Exercise Professional, and avid CrossFit athlete, employs StrongPosture® exercise and rehab to help himself and other CrossFitters perform effectively and safely.

“I work with many fellow athletes from the CrossFit community. Through chiropractic treatment and posture rehab, we work to restore balance and symmetry in the body. Posture improves accuracy, strength, power – all the necessary components for an athlete to compete safely and at top performance.”

With CrossFit, the central idea is to put the body under a high stress load in short period of time in order to achieve fat loss and muscle building quickly. When performing under such intensity, Dr. Studer argues that sound biomechanics are essential to performance and injury prevention.

“When you put your body through CrossFit exercises, such as squatting, pressing, lifting, and pulling, you will fatigue and your form will breakdown. While there are coaches there to help you, if you don’t have the necessary experience and proper understanding of posture, you are setting the body up for injury.”

Dr. Steven Weiniger, internationally recognized posture expert, provides additional insight to the pivotal role posture plays in high-intensity exercise.

“CrossFit is a high intensity exercise program that can be great for the seasoned athletes. But people (and especially weekend warriors) exercise to exhaustion, form and motion can become sloppy from previously unnoticed posture asymmetries and compensations. To a degree, paying attention to clean form can help. But if there’s a longstanding posture weakness or adaptation, consider checking with a posture-focused professional so you train smart. After all, your form in any sport always begins with posture, which is one good reason to take a benchmark posture picture at the beginning of starting CrossFit, and regularly thereafter.”

Dr. Studer stresses that functionally strengthening posture provides an opportunity for wellness professionals to appeal to the CrossFit community.

“With CrossFit, or any physically demanding activity, it’s all about efficiency in movement. Proper alignment and posture increases the body’s ability to move, especially under stress. For athletes, posture analysis and rehab is a must. As healthcare professionals, we can and should provide information and techniques on how to improve performance and decrease injuries through posture rehab.”

Dr. Deane Studer is a chiropractor and Certified Posture Exercise Professional (CPEP) practicing in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

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