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“Where-to-Buy” Referral Service: Biofreeze helps you gain new clients & patients with sampling program

Simple, targeted marketing for your practice

To participate in the program, practitioners need to enroll in the Biofreeze Where-to-Buy Referral Service at and order a supply of free Biofreeze samples. With the introduction of this new online request application, the Where-to-Buy program now supports two channels of access for Biofreeze Pain Reliever, which is not available at retail. Consumers looking for immediate purchase can use the Where-to-Buy online locator to identify local practitioners who sell Biofreeze. Consumers looking to first trial Biofreeze can request a sample at

Registered Where-to-Buy practitioners wanting to participate in this new program can order free product samples at 800-BIOFREEZE (800-246-3733). Many practitioners have been using Biofreeze samples as a highly effective marketing tool for years. The sample is an information card customized with the practitioner’s contact information and a Biofreeze packet attached. Performance Health provides these samples to practitioners in whatever quantity they need for patient trial or for events in their communities.

With this newest Biofreeze sample request application, registered practitioners can inexpensively yet efficiently expand their marketing efforts. The practitioner is provided with the consumer’s name, phone number, mailing address and e-mail address. They put together a simple envelope with the free sample that has been customized for their practice and some great information about their practice. Now they have a very low cost, yet very targeted marketing piece and have started a conversation with a potential patient or client, someone who has already indicated a need for pain relief by requesting a sample.

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