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Current Posture Research Demonstrates Merits of StrongPosture Protocols

New research demonstrates the science of why and how the StrongPosture® exercise protocols work so well. These exercises began from the union of rehab from Janda and Liebensen, were leavened with the mind-body focus of yoga, integrated into a busy practice, and then taught to professionals internationally since 2004. It is truly gratifying to see how much, especially in the past few months, we’re seeing more and more hard science which specifically (by concept, if not name) endorses the PosturePractice approach.


Here’s a few that have me really excited:

From Stu McGill, on Low Back Pain, Spine: August 6, 2012:

“CONCLUSION: Immediate pain reduction can be achieved by altering muscle activation and movement patterns. However, the combination for optimal success appears to be different for every individual.” 1

In Other Words:

Effectively addressing pain by teaching StrongPosture® exercises means focusing on retraining the individual’s unique motion patterns….Which is why the key is to correlate that subjective motion to external reality.
And about adolescents: Spine, September 6, 2012:

CONCLUSION: “The orientation of gross body segments with respect to the gravity line seems superior to local spinopelvic features in terms of clinical importance….Opportunities may exist for postural subgrouping strategies to begin with global alignment parameters in order to gain further insight into the relationship between sagittal alignment and the relative risk of developing spinal pain/seeking medical consultation for this pain.” 2

In Other Words:

Focus on how the Head balances on the Torso, the Torso on the Pelvis, and the Pelvis on Lower Extremity– the four PostureZones®- to affect back pain.

And in honor of Chiropractic Health Month in October:

CONCLUSION:  “This study confirmed the immediate analgesic effect of manual therapy over a sham. Followed by specific active exercises, (spinal manipulation) reduces significantly functional disability and tends to induce a larger decrease in pain intensity, compared to a control group.” 3

In Other Words:

Chiropractic plus StrongPosture® exercise works!


1 Spine: 6 August 2012 Can Altering Motions, Postures and Loads Provide Immediate Low Back Pain Relief: A Study of Four Cases Investigating Spine Load, Posture and Stability, Ikeda, Dianne M. MSc; McGill, Stuart M. PhD

2 Spine: 01 September 2012 – Volume 37 – Issue 19 – p 1657–1666 Sagittal Standing Posture and Its Association With Spinal Pain: A School-Based Epidemiological Study of 1196 Flemish Adolescents Before Age at Peak Height Velocity Dolphens, Mieke MSc, PT*; Cagnie, Barbara PhD*; Coorevits, Pascal PhD†; Vanderstraeten, Guy PhD*,‡; Cardon, Greet PhD§; D’hooge, Roseline MSc, PT*; Danneels, Lieven PhD*

3 Manual therapy followed by specific active exercises versus a placebo followed by specific active exercises on the improvement of functional disability in patients with chronic non specific low back pain: a randomized controlled trial BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2012, 13:162 doi:10.1186/1471-2474-13-162 Pierre Balthazard ( Pierre De Goumoens ( Gilles Rivier ( Philippe Demeulenaere ( Pierluigi Bellabeni ( Olivier Dériaz (


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