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“Shark Tank” Posture Correction Tool: PostureNow Review

Review of PostureNOW

I’ve had emails recently about a posture corrector product called PostureNow on “Shark Tank”.  It’s a great show where entrepreneurs pitch ideas and inventions to a panel of hyper-successful business people like Mark Cuban and FUBU’s Damon John.  I record the show so was really excited to see the problem of posture getting more airtime on national network TV.

Instead of a big fish, the sharks swallowed an old shoe…literally!

posturenow reviewThe gadget being pitched was purporting to improve slumping posture with a strap velcro’d between both upper arms to pull them back. Now these kinds of restraining supports have been around for years, and it makes sense that a kludgy strap pulling the upper arm back and into external rotation will, for the moment, help slumping posture. So if the goal is getting slumping suckers (I mean customers) to buy a $40 strap, they may make some fast money.

The biggest problem: Shoulder issues. In the unlikely event people wear it on an ongoing basis, the muscles which SHOULD be pulling the arms back and into external rotation are getting a permanent vacation.  Like an old person with a cane, the supported muscles will weaken.  The muscles being braced, infraspinatus and teres minor, are part of the rotator cuff, and functional imbalance of these muscles is a big factor in many of the shoulder problems I’ve treated.

Just as the ancient technique of footbinding can make a woman’s foot stay unnaturally tiny, shoulders can be pulled back to “look” better–but it’s a bad idea to unnecessarily inhibit motion. The 1st Posture Principle is “Your Body is Made to Move.”  Functionally strengthening posture takes restoring motion and then retraining the weakest link(s)…not creating new ones.

Changing posture for the good requires some focused exercise.

Tips to Improve Posture:

Professionals, learn through video-based online ce courses.

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