Program Overview

posture specialty certification training
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Program Overview

Step up your 21st Century Posture Practice. Join the international network of Certified Posture Exercise Professionals!


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CPEP’s are health and fitness professionals trained in StrongPosture® protocols. Through posture certification training they demonstrate proficiency in teaching and adapting protocols to people of various levels of fitness and ability.

Back pain, neck pain, and other neuromusculoskeletal conditions result from weak posture, and strengthening structural balance and functional alignment helps relieve pain, optimize sports performance, improve appearance and promote successful aging.

 “Every month, 70-90 new patients begin the posture exercise program, there are 250–350 posture exercise appointments a month”. ~Rebecca Gould

Posture is the ‘function of structure’ and this research documented posture certification course will teach you to assess, communicate and strengthen posture.

Research strongly demonstrates the value of improving posture. The trend to watch for is boomers and seniors, as well as teenage athletes and computer-bound professionals will increasingly value the idea of moving well to be well.  New studies show posture is a powerful indicator of how long, and how well you’ll live.

Put simply, the program will position you as the local posture specialist. With posture certification you’ll learn protocols and strategies to build a road to a successful practice which integrates active and passive care for improved results, enthusiastic referrals and retention.

Take your patient/client practice to the next level with CPEP Posture Certification and perfect a bio-mechanical model that teaches focused motion exercise as integral to strengthening posture while improving balance and function.

“The StrongPosture exercise protocol is quickly learnable and teachable. It is fun and effective and patients love it! You will see results at multiple levels in short order.” ~Dr. Pierre Constantin

Be seen as the go-to posture specialist

Patients and clients experience improved results and greater engagement with StrongPosture® exercise protocols integral to the program. Created by renowned posture expert Dr. Steven Weiniger – this program has what you need to stand-out in the community and get lasting results.

Becoming a CPEP® is the common-sense next step for anyone looking to set the standard in strengthening posture for pain relief, rehab, wellness, sports performance and anti-aging.

Teen to Boomer, seniors to elderly, athlete to desperately deconditioned, strong posture exercise is applicable to just about every lifestyle, age and fitness level.

Whether a client is recovering from an injury or training for the Olympics, the protocols you’ll learn can be customized to fit their specific needs.

I’ll show you how to help patients with posture protocols, market and add revenue as you certify as the go-to posture specialist. ~Dr. Steven Weiniger

Research shows integrating exercise and active care is essential for an outcome-oriented practice focused on optimal health. The progressive core stabilization exercises at the heart of the CPEP (Certified Posture Exercise Professional) posture specialist certification increases patient/client participation for measurable results, referrals and retention.

Elevate your practice with CPEP Posture Certification and perfect a bio-mechanical model that teaches focused-motion exercise as integral to strengthening posture while improving balance and function.

Today’s posture specialists are standing at the forefront of cultural change. The baby boomer population is demanding ways to stay young and fend off old age. Having Strong Posture is one of the best ways to do just that. ~Dr. Mike Jorgensen

Posture Training on Your Schedule

Online and live training options offer “lecture & lab” format to teach research-based biomechanical concepts that show you how to assess and strengthen your patients’ and clients’ posture, as well as your own. Protocols are designed to mesh with the techniques you already use.

The result: A complete, step-by-step, strong posture exercise protocol, along with instructive posture principles and patient-friendly demos, plus marketing strategies in a practical framework to position you as the posture specialist.

Relevant to Your Practice

CPEP Posture Certification protocols are applicable to just about every age and fitness level. Recovering from an injury or preparing for the Olympics, the posture re-education protocol can be customized to fit each individual.

Enroll today and get immediate access to your first online course – you will begin to implement what you learn in your practice tomorrow!