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  • Implement step-by-step protocols into practice as you learn
  • Progressive sequence takes the guesswork out of ‘what comes next’
  • Find out about posture assessment techniques and balance exam procedures
  • Learn techniques for common posture adaptations and distortions
  • Customize exercises easily for any body type or ability level
  • Offer individualized programs or group classes
  • Patient/client results lead to retention and enthusiastic referrals
  • Included instructional handouts boost compliance
  • Become the “posture expert” in your community
  • Reproducible forms for staff training, tracking progress and assessment
  • Flyers for client/patient education and practice promotion
  • Stay current with research-documented biomechanical active care rehab
  • Feel the difference in your own body as you build StrongPosture™
  • Renewed enthusiasm for your practice

“The CPEP program has helped me incorporate a concise, effective and turnkey posture program in my clinic. It helped my patients immensely, which dramatically increases patient compliance. I recommend this program to any physician who wishes to incorporate a highly effective posture focused wellness program into their practice.” ~Dr. Austin Hsu


  • Focused motion exercise leads to immediate results
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Improve posture and balance
  • Increased mobility and flexibility
  • Fluidity of motion
  • Enhanced sports performance
  • Active aging concepts for longevity
  • Easy to remember, step-by-step, program
  • Dynamic self-help concepts can be practiced at home
  • Incorporates fun, inexpensive tools (balls, bands and foam rolls)

“I have used StrongPosture exercises for years with great results. Patients are excited to see the changes, and compliance has increased. And, I get more referrals!” ~Dr. Jill Melsha



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