Seminar Reviews


100% Committed!

The missing part of most offices is posture exercise. Patients want to be active. New patients often ask, ‘What exercises can I do?’ We’ve committed 100% to becoming a Posture Practice, and people have been really excited about doing the exercises. They are benefiting daily from the results of the program. ~Brad Grizzaffi, DC, CPEP

In 20 years of practice and countless continuing education hours, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten more out of a seminar that I will use on Monday.

Dr. Jeff Brockman

Move Well to Age Well. Would like to take seminar again and bring my staff.

Timothy B. Vyrostek, DC

Excellent job! I loved it and I recommend it. And I use it! This info is essential to every human being.

Kelly Van Deren, LMT

As a personal fitness professional I’ve focused on clients’ posture prior to all movement. Your input and expertise have expanded my awareness and helped me to “connect the dots” between posture and those three key areas of balance, alignment and motion. THANK YOU! ~Peggy Kyprianides, CPT

4 Years After Taking the Program?

I’ve been doing the CPEP work for 4 years. We’ve integrated it into the office with really, really good results. It’s gratifying to see changes in posture that are demonstrable by pre- and post-scans.  Patients get really excited about it, and it’s something they can relate to on a day-to-day basis of, “Yes, I am moving better, I’m feeling better, I can see my posture is better.” ~Dr. Robert Zimmerman


80% of Care Plans!

Our patients love the Strong Posture Program in our office and we have it included in 80% of our patient care plans. Thanks for such a solid program. ~Dr. Robert Thoma

You didn’t just tell and show us, but we had the opportunity to do it ourselves.

Kim Branham

I need to take care of myself and be an example to my patients. I also realized how simple changes and exercises make a big difference.

Dr. Chad Buohl

The best active seminar I have ever attended, well organized, orchestrated, and balanced.

Theodore Kurz, DC

We can make a difference in changing our patients’ old learned behaviors, by implementing balance, alignment and motion in their posture exercises. I really enjoyed the course with all of the intrinsic details of the exercises provided. ~Andrew Thompson, PT

Even though I thought I was in good shape, I could feel a change in my breathing, posture and energy. Thanks! I love your passion and how you make it practical to daily practice.

Dr. Scott Stratton

It was well worth flying from Colorado to New York!

Sharon Anable, DC

Energy, Documentation, Passion of material, Logic, Demonstration & Practicality to take to the office and use immediately! Love the materials!

Dr. Harvey Rossel

Truly the best seminar I’ve ever taken. Presented in a format you can use Monday morning. Patients know they need to exercise and you know they need to exercise. These exercises are easy to teach and easy and fun for the patients to perform. I am getting people well now that weren’t getting well before. This is a great tool that the insurance companies will pay for. It’s an instant practice builder! ~Jeff Scheuermann, DC