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Tech Neck, Why it Matters

Woman text messagingMedia Highlights ‘Tech Neck’ as Digital Device Usage Soars

Now that cellphones and other mobile devices have leaped from an entertainment device to a necessity for business and communication, usage has skyrocketed.

8-18 year olds are spending 8 hours on tech devices every day. (1)

As health and fitness professionals we know these 3000 tech-obsessed hours usually mean folded-forward posture that stresses healthy biomechanics and breathing leading to a number of issues.

Proof is in the Posture

As people feel the effects on their own bodies, and see the effects in their children’s bodies, interest is growing in topics like, “Tech Neck”, “Pokémon Posture” and “Sitting is the New Smoking.”

To answer questions about identifying, correcting and preventing tech neck Dr. Steven Weiniger joined Daphne & Paul Thompson on Morning Coffee & Health to talk about the impact of digital devices on our health.

Listen to the interview on KDIZ-AM (1570), Twin Cities Wellness Radio to answer your patient/client questions:

  • What’s tech neck and do I have it?
  • So what if texting and typing is ruining my posture?
  • I have to use digital devices so how can I avoid pain?
  • Are there products to help me create smart tech habits?

Dr. Steven Weiniger authored Stand Taller Live Longer, is founder of the CPEP® Posture Specialist certification program, and was appointed delegate to the White House Conference on Aging.  He was joined on the program by Jane Payfer of Mukava, and Joseph Sweere, DC a professor in the Clinical Sciences Division of Northwestern Health Sciences University.

(1) According to the Kaiser Family Foundation

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