Course Content

Seminar Benefits

Attend a live or online seminar with featuring industry-leading speaker, Dr. Steven Weiniger, ranging from 2-15 hours with designated hours counting toward certification (optional). Our seminars can help enrich your practice whether you’re a chiropractor, physical therapist, physiotherapist, massage therapist, fitness instructor, personal or athletic trainer or other physician or wellness professional.  Locate a seminar near you>>>

  • Customize exercises for every patient or client, from athletes to boomers, computer-bound teens to sedentary geriatrics
  • Make posture exercise fun, dynamic, and hands-on for people of all ages and wellness levels
  • Using balls, bands, foam rolls, etc. – inexpensive tools that effectively keep patients / clients interested (compliance) and get them talking to others (referrals)
  • Clinical posture assessment techniques and balance exam procedures
  • Strengthening techniques for common posture adaptations and distortions that incorporate the concept of “Move Well to Age Well”
  • Focused motion and StrongPosture® exercises to train strong posture and balance and increase mobility and full range of motion
  • A 20+ patient visit balance, alignment and motion exercise protocol
  • Current, research-documented bio-mechanical concepts of posture, motion, exercise, and anti-aging to easily incorporate into any practice

Posture Rehab with Dr. Weiniger is a fantastic seminar. You will learn step by step, an exercise protocol that is low/no cost to implement, extremely effective, and fun for your patients to do. I started using the exercises in my office first thing Monday morning. This seminar is a must attend! ~Matthew Kounkel

Practice Benefits

  • Implement step-by-step rehab exercise protocols into your practice right now
  • Patient education and demos for increased referrals, retention, and improved compliance
  • Free billing and coding resources for rehab care reimbursement
  • Patients / clients get results, you get reimbursed
  • The bridge from acute to wellness care
  • Feel the difference in your own body as you build StrongPosture®
  • Renewed enthusiasm for your life’s work

Energy, Documentation, Passion of material, Logic, Demonstration & Practicality to take to the office and use immediately! Love the materials! ~Harvey Rossel

Transform Your Practice

  • Become the posture expert in your community.
  • Incorporate exercise to rehab injuries, improve sports performance, correct posture and strengthen balance.
  • Benefit from media exposure generated by and Stand Taller Live Longer.
  • Most live courses hours may also be applied towards CPEP Certification requirements.
  • Earn continuing education that is both enjoyable and profit-enhancing (DC, NCBTMB, DACRB, CPEP, and other professional license/certification renewal hours available in many states – check with your board or contact us for details)

The CPEP posture certification protocols apply to every practice. Everybody should be incorporating it, regardless of the population they treat – hunchbacks or supermoms or seniors losing their vitality as their posture deteriorates – this will help them maintain the active lifestyles they want. ~Dr. Pete Szakacs

Who should attend Posture Practice seminars?

Health, fitness and wellness practitioners who work with posture, motion or function will find the concepts mesh with their current services and therapies.  Physicians of all backgrounds including, DCs, MDs, DOs, DPMs, DDS, physical therapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists, physiotherapists, personal trainers, chiropractic assistants, nurses, physical education teachers, yoga and Pilates instructors, other posture focused professionals, and office staff.

We encourage staff to participate because the key to an effective practice is a trained staff. Associates and staff trained to monitor and instruct patients and clients in their progressive posture exercises increase office productivity by assisting in implementing the protocol.

We also have many practitioners with additional specialized training like FAKTR®, Functional Medicine, Egoscue, Feldenkrais, CBP, DACRB, Kinesio taping, among dozens of others.

All participants of full-length seminars leave prepared to implement StrongPosture® protocols immediately.

Take it to the next level – Get CPEP® Certified!