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Build Your Posture Practice

What happens after I enroll?

You’ll gain access to the15-step online guide that will help you implement your CPEP® Posture Specialist training as you learn!  We’ll ship your materials, give you access to your online courses, branding, marketing & implementation webinars, as well as access to the exercise video library, which includes demonstrations like the one below.

Week by week you will learn next steps to confidently communicate StrongPosture® with progressive reading from Stand Taller Live Longer, Posture Pictures and the professional training manual.  You (and your team) will find out how to integrate forms, new concepts and each exercise to engage and train your patients and clients with StrongPosture® concepts and exercises.

How do I get associates and staff on the same page?

15 Weeks to a Posture Practice is a sequenced program (available on demand) of team or individual practitioner 5-10 minute training videos to create the infrastructure for a ‘Posture Expert’ brand.

This series is designed to systematically help you create and implement a Posture Practice with the included tools for marketing and branding, patient implementation and community branding, weekly in-office signage and more. (Included with the CPEP Posture Certification program)

“The CPEP program is built on a strong foundation in structural integration, and every piece is a building block that complements each of the others. There are immense benefits to good posture and so many different arenas in which I have found posture exercises useful. No matter what medical field you are in, tapping into the benefits of posture education can really enrich the services you’re providing.” ~Raina Trevenna, OT, CHT


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CPEP is a stand-alone, comprehensive program that you can integrate into whatever it is you do – chiropractic, massage, physical therapy – to build your business, and it’s expandable in a number of genres. ~Luther Lockard, MT


I would recommend the BodyZone CPEP training to any health or fitness professional serious about obtaining the absolute best results for their patients. There has been a “buzz” in our clinic since adding this posture program, and we find that patients look forward to their rehab sessions in our clinic. ~Dr. Shane Chaisson, DC