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Spine Journal article supports StrongPosture Concepts

Great new study from low back pain guru, Stu McGill, in September 2012 issue of Spine:


“CONCLUSION: Immediate pain reduction can be achieved by altering muscle activation and movement patterns. However, the combination for optimal success appears to be different for every individual.”

Spine:01 November 2012 – Volume 37 – Issue 23 – p E1469–E1475 Can Altering Motions, Postures, and Loads Provide Immediate Low Back Pain Relief: A Study of 4 Cases Investigating Spine Load, Posture, and Stability Ikeda, Dianne M. MSc; McGill, Stuart M. PhD


What this says to me about the StrongPosture® protocols:
We relieve pain & improve function by correcting sensorimotor error, which is different in every individual.

And about the PosturePractice model of integrating the protocols with manipulation (osseous and soft tissue):
Once potential motion is unlocked, StrongPosture® exercises retrain an individual’s unique motion patterns by correlating subjective perceived position & motion with external objective reality to correct sensorimotor error.


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