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How do I setup a PosturePractice rehab room?

People often ask me how to setup a room for teaching the StrongPosture® protocols.

The question comes down to one of stations – you want a defined space for each person. This can be as small as a 5′ span of wall or a 3′ x 7′ area on the floor, but in general you want to maintain an easy walkway to and from each area. If Mary has to step over John doing SideStretch to get to the wall, it’s awkward. You ideally want to keep a 2-3′ space between people, and avoid having people directly face to face.

The first step is to figure out how many stations you want, which is a function of how many patients/clients may be there at a time. My suggestion is to define X number of wall stations for Balance and Alignment tracks and X number of floor stations for Motion track on the ball (which can serve as floor stations or for other exercise). Adding other equipment or a vibration platform is optional. Plan towards an equal number of stations – you’ll do a larger number of exercises on the wall, but ball work takes longer.

The big question comes down to doors, walkway and windows. One way to define a ball station is with a yoga mat on the floor. A ball can live on mat, or be stored on a wall rack and used as necessary.

Best way to define a wall station is with wall grids. It will protect the wall from wear and tear, make teaching a bit easier (the pelvis glides more easily on a plastic grid than a painted wall) and make a statement. Spaced 1-2′ apart, 2 or 3 grids in a row makes a statement, and you may find it gets patients to take pictures of each other (a behavior you want to encourage!).

If this has been helpful, send us pictures of your space when you get it completed.



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