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Inactivity and Overweight Huge factor in Cancer

Written by Steven Weiniger Written by Dr. Steven Weiniger on Thursday, 29 March 2012. Posted in Clinical

7,000 Studies show lifestyle choice even more important than previously thought

Inactivity and obesity were linked to rising cancer incidences, despite improved screening and a sharp decline in people smoking pushing down the rate of overall new cancer diagnoses, according to the 3/29/2012 Wall Street Journal which reported that:

  • One-third of common cancers are linked to excess weight and lack of physical activity, with a growing body of evidence showing obesity raises the CA risk.
  • Excess weight and lack of physical activity linked to preventing disease more than any specific foods or nutrients.
  • Since the 1960s tobacco use is way down, but obesity has ballooned.


“The gains made by reducing tobacco use over the past few decades are at least partially being offset now by obesity,” Susan Mayne, professor of epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health and associate director of the Yale Cancer Center.


“People might think they can do themselves the most good by taking a vitamin or mineral supplement, when actually what they need to do, to do the most good, is to be physically active and control their weight,”June Stevens, head of the department of nutrition at the University of North Carolina’s Gillings School of Global Public Health.


OBSERVATION: When posture degenerates into the slump of old age, people become less active as biomechanical injuries accumulate.


CONJECTURE:  Strengthening posture can help a body stay active and potentially avoid disease.  Wondering if perhaps I should have titled my book Stand Taller ~ Live MUCH, MUCH Longer.

See March 29th, 2012, Wall Street Journal: Obesity-Linked Cancers Increase


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