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Wellness in the Media – A New Year

Wellness in the Media

Two out of three front page headlines from today’s Wall Street Journal, Personal section were about wellness (WSJ 1/3/12). 2012 is off to a great start for wellness in the media!

1 — Why Placebos Work Wonders

The unstated implication: People may not need all the drugs they’ve been prescribed.

“Doing some simple exercises at home is more effective than medicine at getting out a painful crick in the neck, a new study shows.” “It’s good news for patients that there’s something they can do themselves,” says Gert Bronfort, vice president of research at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minn., and the study’s lead author.

I am particularly happy that the neck retraction exercise described in the article is part of the StrongPosture® protocols.

I’m also proud to report that starting this quarter students at Northwestern Health Sciences University can take PosturePractice Online to learn the StrongPosture® as an elective.

 DATAPOINT: The long term trend is towards self-reliance in healthcare.
AN OBSERVATION: Teach people to move differently and help themselves.


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