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How Do I Engage My Patients During Posture Month?

Three Ways to Engage and Entertain

Posture Month is the perfect time to celebrate a renewed commitment to health, longevity, and new habits! As a healthcare professional, you may be wondering how you can engage with your patients in new and exciting ways. We are here to help you out!

Facebook Posture Picture Contest – Coming May 2012
We are pleased to announce that our first annual Facebook Posture Picture Contest will be running during the month of May! Share the event with your patients to engage them in a fun, educational way to promote Posture Month.

Click and “Like” our Stand Taller Live Longer page on Facebook today, and watch for rules and details to be posted! Yes, of course there will be prizes!

Posture Picture Party
The first step to stronger posture is creating posture awareness with a digital photo. Posture pictures make you aware of how you are truly standing, and people are often amazed to see what the camera sees as they become conscious of their posture.  A fun, engaging way to promote strong posture during May is to host a “Posture Picture Party.”

Be sure to check out next month’s email newsletter for a downloadable guide on how to host the perfect “Posture Perfect Party. Download will be complete with practice handout!

Exercise Seminars
During the month of May, host an exercise seminar at your practice to introduce your patients to a few simple exercises to help them achieve and maintain good posture. Invite your participants to return for individual sessions to learn more exercises to improve their posture health!

Need a reference for some simple, effective exercises for building stronger posture?  Flip through your copy of Dr. Weiniger’s book, Stand Taller~Live Longer !
These are only a few fun and engaging ways in which you can promote posture health. Have some ideas of your own? Share them below in the Comments section!


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