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Posture Specialist: Dr. Randall Smith, DC CPEP CCPTS

Posture Professional Spotlight:

Dr. Randall Smith, DC CPEP CCPTS
of Smith Chiropractic Clinic in Wheaton, IL
An avid pilot since his youth, Dr. Randall Smith flies with this philosophy:

“Learn something to the degree you’re willing to bet your life.”


He applies this same philosophy to his work as a chiropractor and CPEP, citing that the knowledge he gained through Dr. Weiniger’s seminars and posture certification programs allow him to be the “Posture Expert” in his community.

“It was my goal to build a PosturePractice, and I believe that you need to be certified in what you’re doing and follow certain protocols to maintain your reliability as a practitioner.  Dr. Weiniger’s tremendous energy about posture and the amount of useful information presented in his seminar drew me to the CPEP program.  The CPEP & CCPTS certifications provided through Logan College are at the cutting edge of posture certification.”

A practicing chiropractor since 1985, Dr. Randall Smith first experienced the benefits of chiropractic care long before he decided to make it his career.

“I have seen miracles with chiropractic and posture exercise,” Smith says.

When he was in the 6th grade, Smith’s mother fell severely ill.  After hospitalization for several weeks, their family doctor said there was nothing more he could do for her.  However, the Smith family would not accept that fate and opted for an alternative type of care.  With chiropractic treatments and a change in diet, Dr. Smith’s mother survived her illness – and still lives on today.

Dr. Smith sees miracles, still.

A 48 year-old male patient diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 34 came to Dr. Smith through the referral of another patient.  Upon examination, Smith prescribed a chiropractic treatment plan that included a posture program.  The patient began his first posture exercise, the one-legged Stork, from his wheelchair.  With dedication to reading Stand Taller~Live Longer and following the StrongPosture protocols, he is now walking a very straight line, eyes closed, for 200 yards with minimal supervision.  In addition, the patient was an avid motorcyclist before the onset of his MS and had to stop riding – he now shows off his Gold Wing, with sidecar, proudly around town.

Smith credits his successes to the CPEP program’s adaptability to patients of all backgrounds.  “My two biggest focuses are patients and results.  CPEPs get results.  With CPEP, you are equipped with enough information to adapt it to the client and get the effect you’re looking for.”

When asked why StrongPosture exercise is so effective, Smith says, “It’s a simple fact: You’re going to be more biomechanically efficient [with posture exercise].  The more efficient you are, the healthier and the more active you can be.  CPEPs not only find the mechanical deficit, but they set the course to fix it.”

Smith not only believes that CPEPs achieve great results, but he also posits that posture professionals will be at the forefront of our transitioning medical landscape.

“Providing home-based medical treatment is on the rise, especially for registered nurses, massage therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and even social workers,” Smith says.  “Since the trend is toward home care, there need to be provisions to better assess a patient’s kinetic chain of motion; one of those is being able to evaluate and improve posture.”


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