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Fit for the 21st Century

Is doing your civic duty bad for your posture?

I was recently summoned for Jury Duty. About 200 or so fellow citizens and I spent a good part of the day sitting and waiting…and hoping not to be called for a trial.

My memory from last time on Jury Duty included poorly designed seating, so this time I was ready and brought along my trusty SitSmart from BackJoy. It made a big difference in being able to sit comfortably with relaxed posture.

Also…Inasmuch as I’m fascinated by posture, I couldn’t help noticing that as the day wore on, people’s posture seemed to fold a bit more. And then fold a bit more later on.

I specifically noticed the progressive postural fold of man to my right and a woman a few rows up. Both of them got up when we were told to take a break, and though they were less folded when they came back, it wasn’t long before they were back in folded posture.

BOTTOM LINE:  Be posture aware, and when possible plan for circumstances that fold your posture.

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