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VIDEO: Intro to StrongPosture Motion

Perception is NOT reality. The video “Strengthening Posture Perception to Objective Reality” began the Alignment track of the StrongPosture® BAM (Balance-Alignment-Motion) protocols with attentional focus on PostureZones against a static wall.

In this introduction to StrongPosture® motion, when the subject is cued to perform lateral pelvic control, he recruits substitutive motion patterns and uses hip abductors instead of the core muscles. A foam pad is one of the low tech tools used to provide kinesthetic cues and enable him to focus control from compensatory hip abduction to find stronger inner core muscle engagement.

Watch the demo below:

Systematically focusing attention along each BAM track, and progressing function up and down the kinetic chain, is the key to retraining perception to reality from static posture to dynamic motion. Mindful motion is dynamic, and retraining its complexity begins with static attentional focus.

PostureZone® and motion patterns observed in static posture are also expressed in dynamic gait, which is why BAM Motion track attentional focus usually strengthens the weak standing postural balance observed earlier in this subject’s Balance track. In other words, each BAM track synergizes with the others to build a virtuous spiral of StrongPosture® in motion.

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