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Joint Commission recommends non-drug therapeutic approaches

The Joint Commission is the big accrediting agency behind American healthcare. They regularly inspect over 20,000 hospitals, health care organizations and health programs in the United States, and those institutions are expected to follow their guidelines. This is why it’s such a big deal that their Jan 1, 2015 updated recommendations include a new note for clinicians who manage people in pain.

“Strategies should reflect a [patient]-centered approach and consider the patient’s current presentation, the health care providers’ clinical judgment, and the risks & benefits associated with the strategies, including potential risk of dependency, addiction, and abuse.”


“Treatment strategies for pain may include pharmacologic & nonpharmacologic approaches including…acupuncture therapy, chiropractic therapy, osteopathic manipulative treatment, massage therapy, physical therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.”

Dr. Weiniger’s Observation: Top-level recommendations for DCs and MTs who communicate intelligently with MDs and other members of the healthcare system is great news. And the recommendation is even better for those using StrongPosture® exercise because the tight integration of active rehab exercise, bio-mechanical patient education and patient empowerment literally becomes a cognitive behavior therapy as well, helping people to help themselves.


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