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Cranio-sacral Relaxation Device

There are different ways to do it, and different explanations for why it works, but I have seen this kind of technique help a lot of people relax. It’s a simple idea that’s really effective:

Allow the body to relax on a level floor, and then support the head by having two points under base of the skull (the occiput).

The explanations for why it works vary quite a bit.

A recent Wall Street Journal article reviewed some devices based on claims from John Upledger (an osteopath) who talked about inducing a still point in cranio-sacral rhythm to improve the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid around the brain and spinal cord. I initially learned similar techniques originated by chiropractor Major DeJarnette, who talked about balancing occipital (skull) and sacral (pelvis) motion.

In my opinion, they’re both likely right. And everyone agrees – positioning is key. Both are aligning a level head over the torso, taking out the muscle tension by supporting the head towards a neutral position.

Getting results with a self-massage roller

But postures vary, which is why I like the flexibility and adaptability of elegant, inexpensive tools like the roller balls for massage.  The big advantage of this self-massage roller is that the balls roll but stay connected, letting you (or your patient) gently nod your head, subtly opening motion both above and below neutral level head posture.

Suggestion: Take a PostureZone picture of yourself first to truly see where your head alignment is over your torso.

Note:  If you are doing a StrongPosture® exercise program, incorporate this in Alignment track with Neck Retractions for more focus on truing your posture.


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