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Study shows people with low back pain move differently

People are unaware of the subtleties of how they move, and the goal of StrongPosture® exercise is making people aware of and then retraining symmetry of motion against an objective reference.

Here’s another study showing changes in motion patterns are associated with pain.  Researchers found that:

“…automatic postural contraction of the transverse abdominus (TrA)observed in the control subjects in the sitting and standing postures was not demonstrated in subjects with chronic low back pain.”1

Weiniger’s Observation: Focusing attention on the missing TrA postural contraction, and retraining it with control can help low back pain.

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1  Takuya Miura, Masanori Yamanakaemail, Kengo Ukishiro, Harukazu Tohyama, Hiroshi Saito, Mina Samukawa, Takumi Kobayashi, Takumi Ino, Naoki Takeda (June 2014). Individuals with chronic low back pain do not modulate the level of transversus abdominis muscle contraction across different postures. Manual Therapy Journal. Retrieved from


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