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Move Well~Age Well: It’s never too late!

A British Medical Journal study looked the effect of physical activity on the risk of developing long term conditions, depression, and dementia, and on the likelihood of “healthy ageing.”

During the 8 year study of 3,500 people in their 60’s, one in 10 of became active and 70 percent remained active. The rest remained inactive or became inactive. By the end of the study, almost four out of 10 had developed a long term condition; almost one in five was depressed; a third had some level of disability; and one in five was cognitively impaired.

PosturePractice takeaway: Posture biomechanics affect activity levels and effort, so Stand Taller to Move Well and Age Well. Build value for patients/clients by teaching them to incorporate StrongPosture® exercise into their daily routine.

Taking up physical activity in later life and healthy ageing: the English longitudinal study of ageing Online First


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