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posturezone app with posture lines

Posture Lines – Posture App

Posture App – New Feature Release

Do you have the free posture app, PostureZone? (If not, Download PostureZone for iPhone/iPad or Download PostureZone for Android)

We’ve just released a new feature – PostureLines™.  You’ll find it in both the public and pro versions.

Use PostureLines™ for

  • Ergonomic assessments
  • Sports form
  • Tracking scoliosis
  • Other postural findings including head/pelvis level

Each posture line can be individually labeled and will print on the posture picture or PDF posture report along with other findings.

Watch the Tutorial Video

PostureZone for Pros

We recommend the Pro Version for professionals. The enhanced features include

  • PDF reporting
  • Multi-case management
  • Export options
  • Emailing reports and pictures
  • Zoom for precise placement
  • Customization of reports, special findings and contact information

Our posture analysis app is only $29.99 as a one-time in-app upgrade to the Pro Version. (This means you download the app for free – and when you’re ready to go pro – simply click to upgrade!) No monthly fees, and no fee per feature.

Download PostureZone free today (Download PostureZone App for iPhone/iPad or Download the PostureZone App for Android)

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