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Posture Month Week 2 – Control

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The buzz continues to grow midway through Posture Month.

Posture Month involvement grows as we release new images daily for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn to reinforce the Posture ACE (Awareness-Control-Environment) theme.

More practitioners get involved as they receive your referrals to download the free toolkit at or read the articles releasing in mainstream and industry journals.

New this week, see my features in the current issue of Family Circle Magazine, ACA News and American Chiropractor. Or check back and we’ll get them linked here soon.

More patients and clients are joining the conversation after getting handouts from their doctor, therapist, trainer or teacher, and all are resonating with the real world truth of the message… Posture is REALLY important to your health, happiness and appearance.

The 2016 ACE campaign began with Posture Awareness (Week 1), and then moved to Control (Week 2).

Awareness is multi-layered, and someone’s initial intellectual awareness of posture’s relevance progresses to their personal awareness (e.g. How’s my posture?). This egocentric awareness can be seen with just a mirror, but for accurate bench-marking to an objective I recommend professionals use a picture (and the PostureZone® app) or even a fitness wearable with posture tracking (e.g. Lumo Lift).

control-week-2 (273x330)Focus of Week 2: the ‘C’ of the Posture ACE model: CONTROL.

Here’s the key CONTROL takeaway messages to reinforce with your team, and for all of you to communicate to patients, clients and students:

  • Get moving: There’s no one perfect posture, so change body position often with a posture break or posture exercises throughout the day. Sixty seconds every 30 minutes can make a big difference.
  • How you hold your body, molds your body – so train yourself towards symmetry.
  • Stand taller to optimize the benefits of regular exercise (In other words, use StrongPosture® to breathe deeply and move well)

The ACE model is a spiral of interdependent factors, and awareness is the crystal of relevance to choose new actions. Control begins with choice, and choosing to control an action.

Putting awareness into action with control can be as simple as trying to sit and stand straighter, or committing to taking a break from the desk, or putting a Posture Month poster next to your desk.  Also, awareness melds into action with tools like Posture Beads (see how they work), that makes real the conventional wisdom to “lift with your legs” by kinesthetically teaching a torso-up ”squat lift” (as opposed to a straight legged,hip flexion lift).

Posture control is about choice, and choosing to focus awareness on how you stand and sit, as well as move and lift.  Strengthening accurate control of posture is ultimately the goal of yoga practitioners, Pilates devotees, and StrongPosture® exercise fans globally.

The StrongPosture® exercise protocols individualize motion control precisely to where your body needs it.   Everyone’s body is different, and the key Is to focus attention on one thing at a time, progressing along 3 tracks – first Balance, then Alignment, and then Motion (BAM).

Belief versus Reality

When someone believes their arms are moving symmetrically, but the Thera-band they’re holding is not level, it’s gets their attention. When they’re moving on a ball, but the the ball isn’t doing what they think it should, they have to pay attention.

That’s the point of using Must vs. Try cueing to retrain someone’s perception and body control towards more accurate position, motion and velocity.

If you’re a CPEP® or integrate StrongPosture protocols or other motor control exercise, you’ve seen the clinical differences with focused motion exercises to systematically reprogram perception and the reality of how a body is moving. When people become more mindful, moving consciously with control, they’re correcting sensorimotor errors and increasing the benefit of all their activity.

Shifting gait patterns begins with focusing awareness on the symmetry of the entire kinetic chain. Adding walking poles (i.e.Nordic walking) can make someone aware of subtle asymmetries, and radically transform walking by putting the entire body into the chain with every step. Planting a pole closes the kinetic chain from left hand to right foot (and vice versa), causing a startling difference in form when poles are a tad too long (or too short).

NEXT WEEK: Environment

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